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    Why do we need AMP?

    What do we need to know about Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP)?

    AMP showcases the website by loading faster in mobile phones. AMP is a big alternative for responsive design and in fact it will probably replace the responsive development in near future. Though Google introduced AMP in the year 2015, it has started gaining its huge audiences lately.

    AMP is an open source framework and a best way to build web pages for static and dynamic content, with the aim of facilitating a smoother browsing experience for mobile devices that allows the pages to load much faster than regular HTML.

    AMP loads the websites 85% faster than normal webpage’s, which significantly attracts new customers and retains old customers. Users accessing the AMP website have higher propensity of staying on it which leads to remarkably improved revenues.

    Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) vs Responsive Web Design (RWD):


    Focused on Flexibility Focused on Speed
    Replaces current website Works with existing website
    Can be used for any website Dynamic content is possible using JSON
    Allows your website to work on any device Only devices with a screen size smaller than 7 inches

    Benefits of AMP

    AMP delivers content at lightning speed directly from search results and it has become the most powerful platform. AMP reduces data usage and the loading time becomes faster and makes your site better for mobile users without affecting desktop experience.

    How does AMP work?

    AMP is a HTML page designed to be super lightweight and robust by using customized HTML tags known as AMP HTML tags. AMP is a collection of ingredients rather than whole meal.

    It has three main components:

    amp components



    AMP HTML is basically a special version of HTML designed to load quickly. AMP framework has strict rules and restrictions for HTML tags, some HTML tags are customised and certain HTML elements are not allowed. Streamlined version of CSS is used in AMP framework that ensures reliable performance and fast loading of the websites.

    AMP JS/ Runtime:

    AMP JS is optimized for better and fast rendering of page load acceleration.  In AMP JS, asynchronous loading of elements prevents any single element that could be hindering the loading of a page. AMP JS provides a library of easy-to-implement components, to load content dynamically, create animations, modify layout, and much more.

    AMP CDN /Cache :

    AMP CDN is a proxy-based Content Delivery Network, a critical component of AMP framework that fetches AMP content and caches it for speedy delivery. AMP cache improvises page performance as it loads all images, document, AMP JS files from same place. AMP CDN has a built in validation system that provides perfect performance of the web page.

    Why should i use AMP for my website?

    The logic behind AMP is straightforward. Faster loading, better ranking.

    • Better engagement with fast loading, which reduces bounce rate and boosts mobile ranking.
    • Increased volume of organic search traffic.
    • AMP CDN reduces load on servers, as it caches and responds to most search results.
    • Content is featured prominently in AMP carousel on search results.

    AMP will be beneficial to websites, that invokes huge mobile traffic such as social networking sites, News websites, eCommerce, B2B , eLearning  and other types of media websites.

    Choose AMP, if you wish to offer your mobile visitors an extraordinary experience.