College Name: Adhi College of Engineering and Technology, Kanchipuram

Number of Students participated: 57

Department: Computer Science

Degree: BE/B.Tech

Duration: 1 day (Industrial Visit)

A Leap into the Future: Adhi College of Engineering and Technology!!


In the realm of education, it’s the unanticipated hurdles that often lead to the most enriching experiences. This was precisely the case for 57 determined students from Adhi College of Engineering and Technology, Kanchipuram, who embarked on an industrial visit to Askan Technologies on the 2nd of March, 2024. Despite a challenging journey, marked by an unexpected delay, the spirit and enthusiasm of these young minds remained undeterred, turning a day of potential setback into one of memorable learning and inspiration.

An Unexpected Test of Resilience

The day that was carefully planned to be an insightful excursion into the world of IT innovation took an unexpected turn when the students’ bus experienced a puncture. Stranded midway, the situation tested more than just their patience; it tested their resolve, adaptability, and teamwork. The way these students, accompanied by their dedicated faculty members, R. Manickam and K. Jothika, handled the challenge was commendable. Their collective effort to overcome the obstacle and reach their destination, albeit during lunch, speaks volumes about their commitment to learning and personal growth.

Warm Welcome Despite the Delay

Upon their arrival, the students were greeted by Ms. Meenakshi Ganesh, Head – HR at Askan Technologies, whose warmth and understanding immediately put everyone at ease. The hospitality shown by the Askan team was remarkable, ensuring that the students did not miss out on the invaluable learning opportunity that awaited them.

Learning from the Leaders

The session, led by Mr. Kannan Rajendiran, CEO of Askan Technologies, titled “Strategies for Breaking into the IT Industry,” was the highlight of the visit. Mr. Kannan Rajendiran’s insights into the IT sector, combined with his personal journey to the helm of Askan Technologies, were not just inspiring but also a testament to the power of perseverance and vision. His message resonated deeply with the students, many of whom could see reflections of their aspirations in his words.

A Tour to Remember

Guided by Ms. Meenakshi Ganesh, the students embarked on an industrial tour of Askan Technologies. This was not just a walkthrough of the company’s premises but a journey into the heart of innovation and creativity. Witnessing the practical applications of their academic knowledge, interacting with professionals, and understanding the workings of an IT company firsthand were invaluable experiences that no classroom could replicate.

The Spirit of Inquiry

Despite the delay and shortened time frame, the students’ eagerness to learn did not wane. Their active participation, thoughtful questions, and keen interest in the sessions and the tour were a clear indication of their dedication. This attitude, coupled with the real-world insights gained during the visit, equipped them with a broader perspective of the IT industry and the myriad opportunities it presents.

A Journey of Growth

The industrial visit to Askan Technologies by Adhi College of Engineering and Technology was a testament to the unwavering spirit of its students and faculty. It was a day that went beyond the realms of traditional learning, instilling in each participant the values of resilience, adaptability, and an insatiable quest for knowledge. As these students move forward in their academic and professional journeys, the experiences of this day will undoubtedly serve as a guiding light, reminding them that challenges are but stepping stones to greater achievements.