College Name: Sri Sairam Engineering College, Chennai

Number Of Students Participated: 39

Department: Department of Computer Science and Business System

Degree: BE/B.Tech

Duration: 1 Day(Industrial Visit)

A Practical Industrial Exposure at Askan Technologies for Tech Students!!

Exploring Innovation: Sri Sairam Engineering College’s Journey at Askan Technologies

In an age where the practical application of academic knowledge stands as the cornerstone of success in the tech industry, the Department of Computer Science and Business System at Sri Sairam Engineering College, Chennai, embarked on an enriching industrial visit to Askan Technologies Pvt Ltd, located in the picturesque East Coast Road (ECR), Pondicherry.

This visit, taking place on a bright day, aimed to offer the second-year BE/B.Tech students a closer look at the workings of the IT world, bridging the often-discussed gap between academic learning and industrial application.

Faculty at the Helm

The visit was meticulously planned to ensure that the students gain maximum exposure to the real-world IT environment. Their expertise and guidance proved invaluable as they steered the students through the day’s learning experiences. Accompanied by a proficient Faculty:

  1. Subiksha N, M.E, Assistant Professor
  2. Naresh Kumar A, B.E., M.E., Associate Professor,

A Session of Insight and Inspiration

The highlight of the visit was an engaging session titled “Pathways to IT Excellence: Navigating Your Journey to Success,” led by Dr. Meenakshi Devi G, Head of Human Resource at Askan Technologies. Her insights into the IT sector, focusing on what freshers can expect and how to navigate their budding careers, were both enlightening and inspirational.Dr. Meenakshi Devi G, delved deep into the essentials of crafting a compelling resume, a skill highly appreciated by the students keen on making their mark in the IT industry.

Practical Exposure and Interactive Learning

The practical exposure didn’t stop at the session. The visit included a comprehensive tour of the Askan Technologies facility, where students witnessed the dynamic and innovative environment that drives the IT industry forward.

They observed firsthand the application of concepts learned in classrooms, from software development processes to project management and teamwork. This not only solidified their understanding but also sparked a keen interest in the technologies that are shaping the future.

Energetic Responses and Enlightened Perspectives

  • The response from the students was overwhelmingly positive.
  • Energized and enthusiastic, they engaged in a lively Q&A session, eager to clarify their doubts and learn more about the expectations of the IT industry towards fresh graduates.
  • The faculty members noted the visit’s impact on the students, highlighting their newfound clarity and determination to pursue their professional goals with a renewed perspective.
  • Sunil, the Industrial visit Coordinator from Sri Sairam Engineering College, played a pivotal role in the success of this visit. His energy and leadership skill ensured that the visit was not only educational but also smoothly executed, leaving a lasting impression on both the students and the Industrial Experts.

Impressions of Askan Technologies

  1. The ambiance of Askan Technologies left a lasting impression on both students and faculty.
  2. The modern, welcoming environment and the palpable passion for technology among the Askan team were sources of inspiration for the visiting group.
  3. It was an eye-opener for many, illustrating the potential paths their careers could take within such innovative and forward-thinking companies.

A Step Towards Future Excellence

The industrial visit to Askan Technologies Pvt Ltd marked a significant milestone for the students of Sri Sairam Engineering College‘s Department of Computer Science and Business System. It was a day filled with learning, inspiration, and insights into the professional world that awaits them. By connecting academic theory with the practical demands of the IT industry, the visit has undoubtedly equipped these budding engineers with the knowledge and motivation needed to navigate their path to success with confidence and enthusiasm.

As the tech industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, experiences like these are invaluable. They not only prepare students for the challenges ahead but also ignite the spark of curiosity and innovation that will drive the future of technology.