College Name: Meenakshi College Of Engineering, KK Nagar, Chennai

Number Of Students Participated: 107

Department: Department of Computer Science

Degree: BE/B.Tech

Duration: 1 Day(Industrial Visit)

Industrial Visit Quest for IT & Non-IT students at Pondicherry!!

March 27, 2024 A Testament to Meenakshi Engineering College’s Spirit

The industrial visit of Meenakshi College of Engineering students to Askan Technologies Pvt Ltd on March 27, 2024, was not just a journey of academic exploration but also a testament to the resilience and determination of young minds. Despite facing an unexpected challenge in the form of power fluctuations, the spirit of the students remained unshaken, exemplifying their readiness to adapt and persevere.

Guided by Experts

The delegation was spearheaded by a trio of esteemed educators dedicated to the holistic development of their students. Their expertise in the field of Computer Science Engineering (CSE) and commitment to student success provided the perfect foundation for an enriching visit:

  • Dr. S. PUSHPARANI, Associate Professor
  • ANANTHAKOOTHAN. S, M.E, Assistant Professor
  • S. VIOLET, B.E, M.E, Assistant Professor

A Glimpse Into the Future of IT

  • Upon their arrival at Askan Technologies, the students were greeted by an atmosphere charged with innovation and creativity.
  • The visit was anchored by a session titled “Empowering your IT Job Search Journey,” led by none other than Mr. Kannan Rajendiran, the CEO of Askan Technologies.
  • This session was carefully designed to shed light on the myriad opportunities in the IT sector and equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the competitive job market.
  • The industrial tour was further enhanced by insights from Mr. ManiKandan Arumugam, the Chief Delivery Head, and Mrs. Meenakshi Devi G, the Head of HR.
  • Their contributions provided students with a comprehensive understanding of the IT industry’s dynamics, from project management and software development to HR practices and career progression.

A Minor Setback

As the day progressed, filled with insightful sessions and tours of the facility, a sudden power fluctuation posed a temporary hindrance. Such moments test the mettle of individuals, and for the students of Meenakshi College of Engineering, it was an opportunity to demonstrate their adaptability and positive attitude.

Unwavering Enthusiasm

Without showing a hint of disappointment, the students prepared themselves to present their understanding and queries, showcasing their unwavering commitment to learning. Their preparedness to proceed, even in the absence of ideal conditions, reflected their dedication and the core values instilled in them by their institution.

Swift Resolution and Continuation

Thankfully, the interruption was short-lived. Power was restored in a brief span, allowing the visit to proceed without significant disruption. This swift resolution ensured that the day’s agenda, filled with valuable learning opportunities and interactions, continued as planned.

Lessons Learned Beyond Technology

This incident, albeit small, served as a valuable learning experience in itself. It highlighted the importance of resilience, a quality that is as crucial in personal development as it is in professional environments. The students’ ability to remain positive and ready to engage, despite unforeseen challenges, speaks volumes about their character and preparedness for the real world.

Reflecting on a Day of Achievements

As the visit concluded, the incident of power fluctuation became a part of the day’s unique experiences, serving as a reminder of the students’ resilience and the successful collaboration between Meenakshi College of Engineering and Askan Technologies. The students left not just with enhanced knowledge and insights into the IT industry but also with a real-world example of the importance of adaptability and a positive mindset in overcoming challenges.

Forward Together

This industrial visit, marked by both educational enrichment and a display of resilience, reinforces the belief in the potential of young engineers when faced with challenges. It underscores the importance of industry-academic partnerships in preparing students for their future careers, equipped not just with technical knowledge but also with essential life skills such as perseverance and adaptability.

As we look back on this memorable day, we celebrate the spirit of the students from Meenakshi College of Engineering and look forward to nurturing more such future-ready professionals.