College Name: Sri Sairam College of Engineering

Number Of Students Participated: 94

Department: Department of Computer Science and Business System

Degree: BE/B.Tech

Duration: 1 Day(Industrial Visit)

Sri Sairam College’s Industrial Visit Unlocks the Future at Askan Technologies!!

April 12, 2024

On a bright Thursday morning, 94 students from the Computer Science and Business System department of Sri Sairam College of Engineering geared up for a promising educational journey. The destination was Askan Technologies Pvt Ltd, nestled along the vibrant East Coast Road (ECR) of Pondicherry. This one-day industrial visit, meticulously organized under the banner of “A Journey into IT Careers,” offered a hands-on experience in the buzzing world of information technology.

Faculty Guidance on a Futuristic Voyage

The students were accompanied by their knowledgeable faculty members of Sri Sairam College of Engineering. Their expertise and enthusiasm added a rich layer of academic insight to the practical exposure the students received.

  • Mr. D. Prabhu, Assistant Professor
  • Mr. V. Manicavasagan, Assistant Professor
  • Mrs. G. Saraswathy, Assistant Professor

Interactive Learning with Industry Stalwarts

The highlight of the visit was an enlightening session led by Mr. Manikandan, Chief Delivery Head and Mr. Kannan Rajendiren, CEO, Askan Technologies Pvt Ltd. Their presentations provided a panoramic view of IT careers, spotlighting emerging technologies and the skills required to excel in this fast-paced industry. The tour of the facility was conducted by Ms. Meenakshi Devi G, Head – Human Resource, who ensured an immersive experience for the students, showing them the inner workings of a leading IT company.

Appreciation and Acknowledgments

Special thanks were extended to  Mr. D. Prabhu, Assistant Professor, Industrial visit Coordinator & Mr. Shrivathsan L S, the Industrial Visit Student Coordinator from Sri Sairam College, whose efforts in organizing and ensuring punctuality were crucial for the visit’s success. Their coordination was key to the seamless integration of educational objectives with industry exposure.


Student Reflections and Feedback

The feedback from the students was overwhelmingly positive. They were particularly impressed by the ambiance of Askan Technologies and the opportunity to engage directly with its experts. These interactions fostered a lively atmosphere where curious minds questioned and learned about the realities of the IT sector, from software development challenges to the latest trends in tech innovation.

Impact and Inspiration

As the visit wrapped up, the students left with not only a deeper understanding of potential IT careers but also inspiration to innovate within their fields of study. This trip to Askan Technologies proved to be more than just an educational outing; it was a pivotal step towards bridging the gap between academic learning and practical application, inspiring the next generation of tech pioneers.

The industrial visit to Askan Technologies marked a significant milestone in the academic and professional journey of these aspiring engineers, providing them with a clearer vision of their future paths and the tools they will need to navigate the exciting world of technology.