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  • Industrial Visit to Askan Tech: Empowering College Students in AI & Tech

    College Name: Meenakshi Sundararajan Engineering College, Chennai

    Number of Students participated: 61

    Department: Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

    Degree: BE/B.Tech

    Duration: 1 day (Industrial Visit)

    IT college Industrial Visit from Chennai – BE/B.Tech Askan Technologies Pondicherry – Meenakshi Sundararajan Engineering College

    A Day of Insight and Inspiration at Askan Technologies

    On a bright and promising morning, 61 spirited students from Meenakshi Sundararajan Engineering College, Chennai, embarked on an enlightening industrial visit to Askan Technologies, located in the scenic ECR, Pondicherry. The Department of Artificial Intelligence & Data Science, under the guidance of esteemed faculty members Mrs. T. Dhivya, B. Tech., M. E., Assistant Professor, Mrs. G. Sujitha, B. Tech., M. Tech.,Assistant Professor and  Mr. Iyyanar K, M.E., Assistant Professor, organized this one-day venture with an agenda packed with learning and interactive sessions. This visit was especially significant for students pursuing their BE/B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence & Data Science, offering them a unique opportunity to bridge their academic knowledge with industry practices.

    Morning Session: “Strategies for Landing Your Dream Job”

    The day kicked off with an engaging session titled “Strategies for Landing Your Dream Job,” led by Mr. Kannan Rajendiran, the CEO of Askan Technologies. His talk illuminated various pathways to success in the competitive tech industry, emphasizing the importance of innovation, continuous learning, and the right mindset. Mr. Kannan Rajendiran shared invaluable insights from his own journey, inspiring students to envision a career filled with passion and purpose.

    The Industrial Tour: A Peek into the Real World

    Post the motivational session, Mrs. Meenakshi Devi, Head of HR, and Mr. Manikandan Arumugam, Chief Delivery Officer, took the students on an extensive tour of the facility. The tour was an eye-opener, showcasing the company’s cutting-edge projects, work culture, and the dynamic field of AI and Data Science. Students were introduced to various stages of project development, from conceptualization to delivery, highlighting the collaborative efforts of diverse teams.

    Interactive Q&A: Bridging Curiosity and Knowledge

    One of the highlights of the visit was the interactive Q&A session, where students posed thought-provoking questions ranging from technical challenges in AI to career advice. The openness and expertise of the Askan Technologies team provided students with a clearer understanding of what it takes to excel in the tech industry.

    Reflections and Takeaways

    The industrial visit to Askan Technologies was not just an academic requirement; it was a journey that sparked curiosity, ambition, and a deeper understanding of the AI and Data Science landscape. The firsthand experience of interacting with industry professionals and witnessing the application of theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios was invaluable.

    Mrs. T. Dhivya, reflecting on the day, remarked, “Today’s visit has opened our students’ eyes to the vast opportunities and challenges in the tech world. It’s imperative for academic institutions and industries to collaborate more closely to prepare our future leaders.”

    As the sun set on a fulfilling day, the students returned to Chennai, not just with memories but with a renewed sense of purpose and direction. The industrial visit to Askan Technologies proved to be a significant step towards bridging the gap between academic learning and practical application, encouraging students to pursue their dreams with confidence and clarity.