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  • Sai Ram Engineering College's Ascent into the IT World: An Industrial Visit to Askan Technologies - Web Development and Web Designing Company | Askan Technologies ®

    College Name: Sai Ram Engineering College

    Number of Students participated: 110

    Department: Computer Science

    Degree: BE/B.Tech

    Duration: 1 day (Industrial Visit)

    Sai Ram Engineering College’s Ascent into the IT World: An Industrial Visit to Askan Technologies

    Date of the Visit: November 24, 2023

    College Location: Sai Leo Nagar,West Tambaram, Poonthandalam, Village, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 602109

    Sai Ram Engineering College, fostering the ethos of practical education, orchestrated an industrial visit for its final year students from the BE and BTech programs in Computer Science. The destination for this insightful venture was Askan Technologies, a bastion of software excellence situated along the vibrant East Coast Road in Pondicherry. On November 24, 2023, 110  technologically inclined students seized the opportunity to unravel the intricacies of the IT industry firsthand.

    During the visit, students had the opportunity to interact with professionals at Askan Technologies, gaining valuable knowledge about various aspects of working in the IT sector. The session was titled “How to Land UP in an IT Job?” provided insights into the skills, certifications, and preparations necessary to excel in the IT job market.

    Faculty Guiding the Way:

    Accompanying the BE and BTech students were the college’s distinguished faculty members:

    • Mr. Gurusubramani – Associate professor
    • Ms. A.Shali – Assistant professor

    These educators were instrumental in bridging the gap between academic theories and their practical applications in the industry.

    A Visionary Encounter: The Session with CEO Kannan

    A pivotal feature of the day was an engaging session titled “How to Land UP in an IT Job?”, presided over by Kannan, the CEO of Askan Technologies. Kannan’s session was a rich tapestry of insights, drawing from his extensive experience to guide the BE and BTech students on forging successful careers in the competitive IT landscape. His talk served as a beacon, illuminating the myriad pathways that the students could navigate in their professional lives.

    Exploring the Technology Ecosystem:

    The BE and BTech students delved into the operational core of Askan Technologies following Kannan’s inspiring talk. They explored the development wings, interfaced with the latest software tools, and absorbed the vibrant culture of innovation that Askan Technologies prides itself on.

    Reflections on a Day of Discovery:

    As the visit came to a close, the corridors of Askan Technologies echoed with the vibrant discussions of the students, enriched by the day’s experiences. It was a moment of introspection and forward-thinking, with the students from the BE and BTech programs synthesizing the wealth of knowledge they had gathered.

    The industrial visit to Askan Technologies marked a significant milestone in the academic journey of the BE and BTech students from Sai Ram Engineering College. The insights shared by Kannan, coupled with the real-world exposure to the IT industry’s inner workings, have indelibly shaped the students’ perspectives, steering them toward a future where they are not just observers but active participants in the field of technology.