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  • Fostering Future Innovators: Sai Ram Engineering College's Industrial Odyssey - Web Development and Web Designing Company | Askan Technologies ®

    College Name: Sai Ram Engineering college, Chennai

    Number of Students participated: 107

    Department: Artificial Intelligence & Data Science 

    Degree: BE/B.Tech

    Duration: 1 day (Industrial Visit)

    Fostering Future Innovators: Sai Ram Engineering College’s Industrial Odyssey


    In a world where technology evolves at lightning speed, staying abreast with the latest trends and gaining real-world exposure is crucial for budding engineers. Understanding this imperative, Sai Ram Engineering College organized an enriching industrial visit for 107 of its bright minds from the Department of Artificial Intelligence & Data Science. This visit wasn’t just an educational outing; it was a bridge connecting the theoretical knowledge acquired in classrooms to the practical workings of the IT industry.

    The Prelude to Innovation

    On a day brimming with anticipation, students from the second and third years, hailing from sections C, A, and B, commenced their journey from the serene campus located in Sai Leo Nagar, West Tambaram, to a hub of technological innovation. Accompanied by esteemed faculty members Ms. V. Sangeetha M.E, Mr. U. Jayachandran M.E, Ms. G. Gomathy Ph.D, and Mr. S. Sivamurugan Ph.D, the visit promised a day packed with learning and discovery.

    Guidance by a Visionary

    The session, led by none other than Mr. Kannan Rajendiran, CEO of the AI empowered IT company Askan Technologies, was themed “How to Land UP in IT Job?” His presence underscored the importance of the visit, providing students with a unique opportunity to glean insights from a leading figure in the industry. Mr. Kannan’s opening address not only welcomed the students but also set a tone of inspiration for the day.

    A Curriculum Beyond Classrooms

    As the day unfolded, the students were immersed in a series of activities designed to bridge the gap between academic learning and industry requirements. The session outlined the myriad of career paths in the IT sector, emphasizing the significance of innovation, critical thinking, and adaptability in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

    Exploring the Heart of Technology

    The highlight of the visit was the comprehensive tour of the organization, where students experienced the practical application of concepts learned in classrooms. From witnessing the development of cutting-edge software solutions to understanding the intricacies of data analytics, the tour was an eye-opener into the real-world challenges and triumphs of the IT industry.

    Interactive Sessions: A Platform for Growth

    Interactive Q&A sessions with Meenakshi Ganesh head HR and other tech professionals provided a platform for students to ask career-related questions, seek advice, and discuss the future of technology. These interactions were invaluable, giving students a clearer perspective on what to expect and how to prepare for a successful career in technology.

    Reflections and Forward Thoughts

    As the day came to a close, the journey back to the college was filled with reflections on the learnings of the day. The visit had successfully sparked a curiosity among the students, encouraging them to explore, inquire, and innovate. The faculty members, recognizing the impact of such experiences, emphasized the importance of continuous learning and staying updated with technological advancements.

    A Step Towards Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders

    The industrial visit by Sai Ram Engineering College to a leading tech firm was more than just an academic requirement; it was a step towards preparing the students for the challenges of the future. By providing a glimpse into the professional world, the visit inspired the students to aspire for excellence, innovation, and continuous growth. As these young minds left the premises, they carried with them not just memories of a day well spent but a vision for their future in the ever-evolving realm of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.