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  • An Enlightening Industrial Visit to Askan Technologies: Sai Ram Engineering College - Web Development and Web Designing Company | Askan Technologies ®

    College Name: Sai Ram Engineering College

    Number of Students participated: 177

    Department: Computer Science

    Degree: BE/B.Tech

    Duration: 1 day (Industrial Visit)

    An Enlightening Industrial Visit to Askan Technologies: Sai Ram Engineering College


    On 16th December 2023, a group of 177 aspiring computer science engineers from Sai Ram Engineering College, Chennai, embarked on an educational journey to Askan Technologies, located in the picturesque East Coast Road (ECR) in Pondicherry. Accompanied by a team of esteemed faculty members, this one-day industrial visit was aimed at bridging the gap between academic learning and industry practice.

    Preparing for the Future

    The visit began with a warm welcome from Askan Technologies’ team. The session titled “How to Land UP in IT Job?” was eagerly anticipated by the final year BE/B.Tech students who were keen on gaining insights into the IT industry.

    Insightful Sessions by Industry Experts

    The highlight of the visit was the engaging sessions led by Mr. Manikandan Arumugam, the Delivery Head, and Mr. Kannan Rajendiran, the CEO of Askan Technologies. Mr. Manikandan Arumugam, with his profound experience in project delivery, shed light on the latest trends and skills required in the fast-evolving IT sector. His insights on project management and client interaction were invaluable for students aspiring to excel in IT careers.

    Mr. Kannan Rajendiran, the CEO, captivated the students with his entrepreneurial journey and the challenges of running a successful tech company. His talk was not just about technical skills but also emphasized the importance of innovation, critical thinking, and adaptability in the workplace.

    Tour of the Facility

    Post the sessions, the students were taken on a tour of the Askan Technologies facility. This allowed them to witness firsthand the practical application of their academic knowledge. They observed various departments in action, understanding how theoretical concepts are implemented in real-world scenarios.

    Faculty Contributions

    The faculty members from Sai Ram Engineering College, including Mr. Satishkumar Ph.D, Sharmika Shree Ph.D, Susitra M.E, M. Iswarya M.E, and S. Bharathy M.E, played a crucial role in making this visit a success. Their guidance and interaction with the students ensured that the learning objectives of the visit were met.

    As the day came to an end, the students left with not just a deeper understanding of the IT industry but also with a sense of inspiration and motivation to pursue their careers with renewed vigor. The visit to Askan Technologies proved to be more than just an educational excursion; it was a day filled with learning, inspiration, and aspiration for the future IT professionals from Sai Ram Engineering College.

    This visit to Askan Technologies exemplifies Sai Ram Engineering College’s commitment to providing its students with a comprehensive educational experience that extends beyond the classroom.